An Individual Budget for Every Service User
Organising Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets




Monday 22 October 2012


9.15am Welcome and Opening Remarks

9.30am An Individual Budget for Every Service User: Introduction to the Conference Agenda

Introduction to processes
Introduction to key initiatives

9.45am The Service User Experience of Self-Direction and Individual Budgets: Five Snapshots

Anna Richards  Mental Health and Ageing WA
Sherrilyn Deed and Elizabeth Barnard Disability VIC
Jennie Somerville  Mental Health NSW
Bev Michael  Disability and Special Education VIC
10.15am Models of Self-Direction:  

Lynette Zanchetta ActualCare VIC
Lynette has managed direct payments and direct employment of support staff for her daughter Lisa since 2008.

Marsha Marshall
Manawanui InCharge NZ
CEO of New Zealand's only Individual Budgets 'host' organisation, operating since 2007.

Julie Johnson Mamre Family Support Association QLD
Mamre has enabled families in Brisbane to self-manage individual budgets since 1994.



11.30am Concurrent Sessions

Session 1A:  Disability

Changing Days: From day services to self-direction
Darielle Crawford, Interact Australia, VIC

Potential for self-directed services for people with intellectual disability? The context in 3 rural communities
Jane Tracy, Centre for Developmental Disability Health, Monash University, VIC

The new disability standards and self-directed support
Stephen Duns, Synergistiq, VIC


Session 1B:  Mental Health

Individualised service design in mental health: WA experiences
Anna Richards, New Futures Network WA

Experiences in seeking control of a mental health individual budget
Jennie Somerville, Mental health consumer consultant, NSW

Transforming mental health services
Janet Hopkins, Family broker, VIC

Session 1C:  Families and Family-Generated Models

What is needed for effective self-direction?
Kathryn Treston and Dianne Mandeville, Bespoke Lifestyles,  QLD

Interactive Workshop


12.45pm LUNCH 

1.30pm Plenary Session

National Steering Group on Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets

Goals, Targets, Processes, Driving Change


2.00pm Concurrent Sessions
  Session 2A: Disability

Recent Innovations in WA
Raewyn Courtney, Disability Services Commission, WA

Trialling a self-directed funding model
Vicki Carrick, Kyabra Community Association, QLD

In the Driver's Seat
Sherrilyn Deed and Elizabeth Barnard, Person and Family living with
cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia, VIC

Session 2B: Models and Systems

Innovative community aged care for older people with complex needs: the People At Centre Stage model
Goertz Ottman, DeakinUniversity/ Uniting Church Community Options VIC

Enabling families to self-direct and self-manage
Julie Johnson, Mamre Family Support Association, QLD


Session 2C:  Workshop

Mapping and Promoting Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets

Chronic Illness
Mental Illness
Special Education
Vocational Education & Training

Vern Hughes VIC




Plenary Session

Strategies, Innovation and Collaboration for Individual Budgets

Proposals for strategic, innovation and collaboration initiatives

3.45pm Concurrent Sessions

Session 3A: Operationalising Individual Budgets

Doing it ourselves: managing direct payments and direct employment of staff since May 2008
Lynette Zanchetta, VIC

Manawanui InCharge: the NZ host organisation model
Marsha Marshall, CEO of Manawanui InCharge NZ

Managing accommodation costs through Individual Budgets
Bev Michael, VIC

Session 3B: An Individual Budget for Every Service User

Rehabilitation of offenders - Individual budgets
Darielle Crawford, Interact Australia, VIC

Maternity Care and Child Care -Individual Budgets
Leslie Arnott and Kerreen Reiger, Childbirth Australia, VIC

Additional applications of Individual Budgets
Vern Hughes, Social Enterprise Partnerships, VIC

Session 3C: Workshops on Innovation and Collaboration Proposals

Workshop on Proposals that have emerged through the conference

Suzette Gallagher, Parent innovator, VIC

4.30pm Final Plenary Session

The Coming Twelve Months

Strategies, Development, Networking, and Influence

5.00pm CLOSE


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