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You can take charge of your social support, education and health care through a Personal Budget

We are a national movement of individuals, families, and services aiming to change the system of funding social support, education and health care in Australia.

The problem with the present funding system is that people are left out of it. Governments and institutions control how your money is spent, and tell you what you get and where your money goes.

People with disabilities or illnesses or special learning needs and their families have little say in how money intended for them is actually spent.
We are for Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets

Across the country, and throughout the world, many large and small groups of individuals and families, in partnership with businesses and governments, are in the process of making a new system - where people know what they are entitled to and can allocate the money that is assigned for their benefit.. This system is called Self-Directed Support, or Consumer-Directed Care. Variations of these terms are used in Education and Health Care.

Internationally, this trend towards personalisation of funding is well-advanced. In Australia it is beginning in disability, accident compensation, aged care and soon in technical and vocational education. But Australian governments and institutions have been very slow to pick it up. We aim to pull them into the 21st century.

We have tools and information available to help you take control of your own arrangements to suit your needs.

With services, businesses and governments, we are working together to build best practice in Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets - and enable individuals and families to exercise as much control as possible over their lives through control over their money.

CLICK HERE for information on our National Steering Group on Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets.

What do we do?

We have six core functions

  • Best practice networking
    We link individuals, families, services, businesses and governments in sharing information and expertise to produce best practice in Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets.

  • Fund pooling
    The money you may be entitled to, from various governments and departments, can be pooled in a single Personal Budget. We can assist in finding support to set up this arrangement. Your Personal Budget can be held in an account, in partnership with a financial institution or other organisation that you might nominate.

  • Budget holding and money management
    We provide an easy-to-use web-based platform so you can manage your Personal Budget, setting up a plan for use of your money; rostering, invoicing and paying support workers; purchasing other services; making transactions; and reporting to your funders.

  • Match-making support workers with people who need support workers
    We provide a web-based match-making service where you can locate and hire support workers who are suited to your needs, and where support workers can find clients close to them, without the need to use agencies as intermediaries.

  • Community education
    We aim to inform all Australians about their right to take charge of their money in social support, education and health care.

  • Leadership
    We aim to drive system change in Australia towards person and family-centred arrangements in social support, education and health care.





Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets
Student-Centred Learning and Personal Budgets

Consumer-Centred Health Care and Personal Budgets

Brokering Consumer Power in Utilities, Telecommunications


May 2015
Formation Meeting - Good Life Cooperative.

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Making It Personal

This Demos Report from the UK on Persona Budgets and Self-Directed Supports provides an excellent overview of the self-directed services and personal budgets agenda

A Personal Information Record for Every

Every person who has used services in social support, education and health care knows we need a consolidated personal information record. CLICK HERE for more information.

Individual Learning Plans

Individualised learning should be a right for all children.
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Family Income Management Plans
Indigenous communities are not the only ones where Family Income Management Plans can make a difference.
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